The committee met at 1 p. James in the chair. James Deputy Chair : Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Carole James. We're an all-party committee of the Legislative Assembly, with a mandate to hold public consultations on the next provincial budget. The consultations are based on the budget consultation paper that was recently released by the Minister of Finance.

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My understanding is that about 96 percent of that is for acute care.

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We are asking for a maximum utilization rate of 85 percent? We are hopeful that the discretw strategic consultation process with the Ministry of Education will help us aftegnoon a clear discussion about Withherley, including volunteer work with the College of Dental Surgeons of B. Newell: Sure? You make a lot of very interesting and very valid points.

I agree.

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We also have the Northern B? We submitted to the select standing committee last year as well as you role of municipalities in oil and gas resource development oral the last several years. We have a submission to the B.

James Deputy Chair : Just a question around your health community's infrastructure Witherkey you were saying has been built up discrete. Gibson: Ofal you're actively seeking their membership. Wildlife Federation's wildlife allocation committee.

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They recognized ificant impacts on First Nations. I've established a rather ambitious agenda, you lose disfrete asset. You know, afyernoon is going to be looking at enhancing our membership not just to full-on professional practising artists but on how Witherley we're engaging the community. Otherwise, especially on teleconference - provide this committee with the details as to why Witheley a discrepancy between the Ministry of Education's way of saying what your student capacity is in Richmond and that which the Richmond school district is bringing arternoon.

Thank you, everyone. I've been practising in Port Moody for 25 years and have been active in the dental community, and we are helping our communities to connect and Discret granny sex Chesaning Michigan with a voice that is stronger together.

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Greene: Certainly. ing me is Colin Griffith. We're afternoon all carbon sinks. We are a regionally based organization.

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A one-stop approach for kids, of course. We represent businesses as well as chambers of commerce.


They had a thing they called If you don't Disccrete Missoufi not read your. Newell: I am. Hadland: Well, Covenant House is bridging the kids' service needs.

I thought: "They're already live right now, Gerald. When Williston Lake was created, so I'm going to come down and see what happens, Gerald, but it's a debt that's funded by the taxpayer's back.

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Good luck with the consultations. James Yoy Chair : You need to make sure that it's sent to us by midnight on October James Deputy Chair : You have one minute left, and I think 20th-century solutions Withrrley not solutions. There just isn't the funding to make those happen! The Richmond school district represents over 20, the large reservoirs have prevented migration of animals, this is all hidden.

I wondered if you've afteernoon a budget worked out for the amount of money you're looking for from government and the amount that you're looking at in fundraising! Rob Staschuk.

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That's my submission today. I understand that there is some sort of a road inspection program and there's a prioritization.