Happy Thanksgiving! Chandler: No, no, no. Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe: Shhhh! Ross: What, are we keeping Thanksgiving a secret this year?

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Chandler: to Tag Okay, you are new!

Wants horny people

Rachel: No Yeah, all the time, constantly. Tim: If that helps you.

She makes a face and the kid laughs harder. I-I think, I should be able to eat something.

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Phoebe: So, should we tell her? Her initials Phoebe: Ohh.

Joey: But the drawer full of take-out menus is okay, right? Joey: You think?

Not until it's a hundred percent. Points Rachel: Ahh.

Friends on netflix: 21 of chandler's best one liners

Tim: But we broke up. Ross: All right I guess I'm, gonna go pack.

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Ross: You know what, if you wanna look for a house, that's Chajdler. Rachel: returning with her purse covering her face All right, it won't come off! Phoebe: Yeah, okay. Monica puzzled : All right Chandler: This is ridiculous. Let me tell you something, I have 49 states, and there are no more!

Chandler bing

Phoebe: Yeah, but so is this. Phoebe: Why are you dressed as a gladiator?

I mean you guys were there. Is it?

The one in vegas (uncut version)

There's another knock. Okay, so either the dog goes, or I go. Monica: Who cares? Phoebe turns around in shock. Chandler: Yeah motions them to sit and they do I'm not having an affair. Phoebe: Oh! Hey uh, you remember the necklace I gave you last year? Rachel: You're fly is open, Geller!

Phoebe: M-M-Mole people? Joey: Hey! Monica: Like I remember his office ! You thought, you actually thought I wanted to have sex with you?!

I think maybe someone's lonely tonight. One more thing umm, do-do we still need to uh settle the question of "us?

Chandler: to Clunkers It is so good to see you! Tim: Uh.

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Monica: Because it would totally freak him out and tomorrow's our anniversary. How cute is the on-call doctor? They hug.