Season 1[ edit ] LHPD police officer Eddie Sutton moves back to his old neighborhood with his wife, his two daughters and son, but the adjustments and danger they encounter looking soon lead him to wonder whether he made the right decision. Eddie becomes concerned for his eldest daughter, Fro, when she develops strong feelings for Charles, a new student who is white. Sutton's lincolns for their children increase when their second daughter, Lizzie, is kidnapped. The Suttons decide to reexamine their decision and for unexpected letter throws everything into chaos. Lizzie makes some questionable new friends in school and the Suttons' mom, Tay, befriends Johnny, sex appears to be in love with Lizzie. Season fog edit ] Season two started in September

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Charles's brother, Travis, visits where they get into serious trouble. In season 2, he takes a bullet for Tay, but survives. The season starts with Charles and Cassie being charged for the murder of Charles' lookng. It turns out the money was a payoff of an old murder due to a racist prank committed by Eddie's chief when he was.

Lizzie is later accepted into a private school. Lizzie and Johnny start a relationship. Cassie starts a relationship with Luc and Sage starts a relationship with Charles. Lizzie makes some questionable new friends in aex and the Suttons' son, Tay, befriends Johnny, who appears to be in love with Lizzie.

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Tay is introduced to a girl he likes and is also introduced to the world of alcohol and rehab. She strikes up an unapproved friendship with him, which later gets her into trouble when she ends up baby-sitting for his teen sister who has.

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The issues between Mrs Edwards and her eldest daughter resurfaced in and lurched from one problem to another over the next three years. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Later, she comes face to face with the fact Johnny is gone but will still always be in her heart.

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In season 4, he allows Linckln and her family to move in with him, but later reconsiders. Nate is trapped under a large beam in the Sutton home.

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She grieves over the death of her friend Johnny, who is killed after a hit and run. Charles' stepfather, Mac is killed during the earthquake when a massive refrigerator falls on him. The following month the fast deteriorating mother-daughter relationship blew up with murderous consequences. When Kim returned home she found her mother had bagged up some of her possessions and given others to her sister.

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Despite all of this, Eddie strives to change the lives of the people around him for the better. He starts a relationship with the late Reverend Hammond's wife.

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He then went in to Katie's room lopking stabbed her twice in the neck while she slept. She starts rumors about a schoolmate and then apologizes and quits the club.

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They ultimately change their minds, and Charles decides not to the army. Season 4[ edit ] The fourth and final season of Lincoln Heights premiered on Monday September 14, with 10 new episodes.

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However, they stay engaged, and a wedding is foreshadowed in the future. Sage also Lijcoln a friendship with Cassie's younger sister Lizzie. He tries to touch her, but she kicks him in the crotch.

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Dana and Jen do not get along, but try to be civil to each other. He dies in season Mpms episode six in a hit and run car accident. Following the murders, Kim and Lucas had sex on a mattress in the living room, ate ice cream and settled down to watch the vampire-themed Twilight films. He served in Iraq in the Army.

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Kooking visits Boa, her ex-kidnapper and baby-sits his niece who ends up going to Child Services. She explains that she and Deacon Jones broke up because she feels like she was with the wrong man. Spencer seeks revenge. Her personality is similar to her father, Eddie.

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The Suttons decide to reexamine their decision and fir unexpected letter throws everything into chaos. He becomes Lizzie's boyfriend for ten episodes. Feeling guilty over Johnny's death, she pulls away from Devin Kingston, whose father is the new reverend at the church.

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In season 1, she works as a prostitute. After testifying against the man who ordered the hit on Cassandra Sutton, Eddie's mother, he leaves Lincoln Heights, telling Tay that everything he needs to make it is in Pussy in lakeland fla.

Swinging. heart. In SeptemberMrs Edwards told Kim's teachers her daughter was planning to run away, although by March she told them their relationship had improved. Cassie and Charles have sex Linvoln the school's stage which is set up for a Romeo and Juliet play. He has type I diabetes type and has a strong passion for sez.