Share on Facebook Share on Twitter There was a local company that Lookinv supply the dolls with a CEO who was fan of the football club, offering to donate the new synthetic supporters. As Seoul quickly said, it was supposed to be a light-hearted gesture to make people feel better in these troubled times.

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Dalcom said the adverts came from a sex toy company who Looking orders with Dalcom, and wanted to take pictures of the mannequins before the game. This was uncharted territory and fantastic news. As Seoul quickly said, it was supposed to be a light-hearted gesture to make people feel better in these troubled times.

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Behind the scenes, Seoul is a club in turmoil. Instead, it developed into a big story internationally and a source of some anger inside South Korea. If they fail, there will be plenty of fans and rival teams happy.

And some of the dolls were holding s advertising x-rated websites - despite pornography being banned in South Korea. So before the match, a company called Dalcom offered to fill some of the empty seats, and the club agreed.

Coronavirus football: fc seoul apologises for 'sex dolls' in stands

The K League season was supposed to begin in February but was delayed because of the virus outbreak. Mr Lee admitted he thought the dolls looked "very human" - but said it didn't even enter his mind that they could be sex toys.

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Choi Yong-soo returned as coach after having success in a first spell from to It remains to be seen how Seoul deal with the anger and the embarrassment of the last few days. The ground was empty - one of many measures deed to prevent a Covid outbreak. But they also reiterated that the dolls were merely "premium mannequins". Now much depends on the players.

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For much of the world, the story has been an amusing one, a distraction from the constant coronavirus news. When did football in South Korea? Top Stories 7 hours ago. Fo anger is not just coming from outside but from inside the club too. It is partly because there was genuine delight in the country over the international attention that the league had received over the few days.

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Seoul almost got relegated in but bounced back Suwn take third last season, albeit with never being close to the title race. Seoul said that it had all been a big misunderstanding with the supplier, and quickly issued a lengthy public apology.

And, when the sex began on 8 May, the K Suwon was one of the few places for sports fans to get Naked pussy in Allyn Washington fix - leading to increased global attention. The mannequins looking out, as everyone now knows, to be adult products and a of them were holding up posters that gave messages of support for players but also references to an adult site. However, fans watching online noticed that some of the mannequins looked more like sex dolls - and some were advertising x-rated websites - leading to the club apologising on Instagram and Facebook.


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At a time when the K-League was enjoying unprecedented international attention, FC Seoul made global headlines for something else entirely. Now, somehow, Seoul have to deal with this and focus on changing the headlines and focus on football. What happened at the match?

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But South Korea's success in fighting the Suwon allowed sex to sooner than almost everywhere else. This is a club that has been one of the most professionally run in Korea for years and it is one that for always talked of increasing its international profile. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter There was a local company that could supply the dolls with Lookung CEO who was fan of the football looking, offering to donate the new synthetic supporters.

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And the league basked in unprecedented global profile. Football around the world had ground to a halt because of the coronavirus, but the K-League had been the first league of any note to start playing football again.

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The top-flight South Korean side has apologised after fans accused them of using sex dolls in the stands. FC Seoul insisted they were "premium mannequins" rather than sex dolls - but did admit they came from a supplier that produces sex toys.

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Not like this however. However, not many clubs will be rushing to follow the example of FC Seoul.

In Korea however, it is a little Lopking serious than that. In total, there were 30 mannequins - 28 of them female, and two of them male. Fans are unhappy, the management is unhappy and officials are unhappy. The club has been accused of bringing shame to the K-League, it was accused of, at a time when the world was watching, making Korean football a laughing stock and worse.