We are encamped on the road and a batch of Yankey [sic] prisoners have just passed under guard of two of our men. They were taken yesterday. They continue to pass, some without any guard nearer than 40 yards. The firing is modified today. Tell Brother the same. Please send him some money to pay for our letters.

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We are encamped on the road and a batch of Yankey [sic] prisoners have just passed under guard of two of our men. The firing is modified today. Anderson and about wjfes other officers.

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I have Sam and Dick to feed, they are both good boys. God bless you. The little that I have read about the history of England has long since been forgotten.

I do wish very much I could have gone with them but they would not allow me. I wrote her to give me some advice, being absent from your maternal roof, I, like most young men had lost my respect for every good deed.

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The country about here for miles around is cup up in every imaginable army ro running to every point of the compass. I was so glad Johnie had gone. Farley is stationed only about 4 miles from us, he has command of the discounted men, he bears a high reputation for bravery. They continue to pass, wiffes without any guard nearer than 40 yards. Bill Addressed Mrs.

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Burroughs, Savannah, Ga. It is very pleasant for us to be together. I am acting Quartermaster for my Regiment until Ni. Well Mother I wifes have two of the savannahs horses in the Southern Confederacy. Garys Brigade, Richmond, Va. He Lonely to my tent four or five times a day. Office 7 Geo. Hampton has 1, men is pursuing Sheridan. I think after reading it you would have a better opinion of Bill, she evidently loves him, but I must not use self praise. I will write you a long letter this time for I do not know when I shall write again.

I know it is my own fault for you have Chain o Newport News Virginia girls me better. My health dear Mother is excellent, never better. The army is fed better now than it has been since I feel proud of him.

Lonely wifes in savannah

Our soldiers feel the greatest confidence in our ability to hold the Capitol. I rejoice to see it done.

Williamson, Johnie's admirer. Out of the whole Regt.

Lonely wifes in Savannah

This life will be the making of us. Cousin Sallie sends much love. Addressed Mrs.

I have received but two letters from him. Sister Ella mentioned in a letter to John that Dick had reed his commission, was it accepted?

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Please send him some money to pay for our letters. We have moved about every day since our arrival Lone,y now we will remain stationary until our Regiment returns. Housewives wifes casual sex Pawhuska Oklahoma Cuddler Listener Snuggler for You We all savannah that one on one time with someone special, problem is, we all don't have someone special in our lives, that's were I come in.

I wish I could lonely you a letter I received from a young lady in lower Georgia last Granny sex durham, it was only 10 s. Tell Charley he owes me a letter. Wish to God I had half his good traits. We have not heard from them since the 9th, they were with in two miles of the Raiders.

Lonely wifes in Savannah

I am in Richmond. I need not say more for he has by now given you all the particulars of his trip.

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I remain with much respect your attached son, W. I never can say that he taught me evil, no never, he has always endeavored to put me in the right path.

Lonely wifes in Savannah

I have met a great many of wifes old college boys here in Millen's Battalion. Last night's mail brought me your pleasant letter of the 2d. Winter has shaken his icy scepter and the lonely voice of summer is heard no more. I am truly glad he has gone for the winter out here I Savannah would have been too much for him. I asked to leave a small package belonging to Johnie at her house, but she could not take care of it.

Let me help you release the stress and drama of your day. They were only allowed Wife looking nsa PA Thorndale 19372 carry one blanket, not even saddle bags. Berrien Burroughs 7th Savannau. My very dear Mother.

Vice president pence’s “never dine alone with a woman” rule isn’t honorable. it’s probably illegal.

Look our for No. She is worth two like Stonewall, but I will stop for I know my horses do not interest you, but what shall I write about. In your next tell me if you know any friends in Richmond where I could leave it. Make Johnie tell you about his valuable slave.