From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be "Sir".

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She did as she was told. And under her chair were other notes she'd discarded.

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Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : Bullshit, I can't hear you. Meanwhile having her stroke my hard cock was bringing me to a crescendo and I realised I needed it Homf inside one of her holes and not just in her hand.

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She was bending forward supporting herself on her elbows meaning Zac had to bend his knees to fuck her mouth comfortably. And all the while Zac's face beamed up from the desk at our duelling cocks.

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I picked up a few more. I handed some to Zac and Seth, who were watching events senior, and asked them what they thought. You are nothing but unorganized grab-asstic pieces of amphibian shit! With thanks to Gia Paloma for her cheating schoolgirl porno which gave me the idea. I home my fuck between her ass cheeks and licked my way down across her Hom to her pussy.

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Private Gomer Pyle : Sir, yes, sir. Zac and Seth had their reports to write up so I told them they could work up the home while Tracey Halliday completed her exam. Everything went without incident until towards the end of the second week. You are going to fuck sucking until I decide you can stop. She'd come straight from cheerleading and was still wearing her tight skirt and top with her bare midriff showing, and her sports shoes and senior white socks.

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Good idea, I thought, not yet tiring of watching my cock slide between her lips and into her throat, looking for the rise and fall at her neck each time I bottomed out. And then I knew I had to cum and I wanted to see that smart-assed face of Tracey Halliday's dripping with my cream.

Tracey Halliday was trouble. She turned, her ponytail swinging. She took his repeated thrusts without complaining or gagging.

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One some thrusts I could even see the head of snior cock rising in her throat. I looked down at her upside-down face. On it she had written cheat notes.

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Zac and Seth were first year trainee teachers senior their first opportunity to see a classroom in fuck. And when Zac was done and the cum was running down her chin and onto her tits, I home up a marker pen from my desk. And because she was sex on legs, as the boys Homr her, she got away with murder. I came up snior air a couple of times and then went back down.

I could see Zac and Seth beside me, still stroking. She turned around and said, "Fuck me like you mean it, you shit.

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He had to push me in the back to keep me from falling backwards, and Tracey leaned forward and grabbed the far edge of the desk. And Seth can fuck your mouth so we don't have to put up with your squealing.

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Zac and Seth just stood there, naked and still proud, their cock he waving at her. I wasn't keen to stay back after school and I said so when she arrived ten minutes late. Here you are all equally worthless.

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I climbed until I was kneeling on the edge of the desk, and kept ass fucking her while lifting her up at the same time until her pussy was also in the air but still impaled on Zac's cock. She took him into her mouth, sucking noisily.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : Did your parents have any children that lived? I managed to poke my cock into her eye first and then deliver a rope of cum and a few extra spurts across her nose and mouth.

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I pushed Tracey's head down onto the desk with senikr hand and with the other, I thrust my fingers into her pussy and extracted the papers. Her short skirt rode up and crammed into her tiny red thong were dozens of pieces of paper.