Follower: 5. Have some chat I'm opening up the chat window. So I can see everybody who comes in It's on a separate thing. I've done in my computer the lights still little funky this week, but we'll fix that sooner or later Yeah, hello everybody. We got some Gfanny here Whole bunch Youtubers pretty soon.

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You know there's a video on my channel a series of three interviews and it's.

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I'm on my hair. That's as big as my bad as as big as my living room, you know I mean It's like 30 feet across That's called the big Ass fan made by company Big ass fans Yeah they're, really powerful and they're very effective Oh got a little bit of running nose allergies. If if say, you wanted four minutes. My commitment is one hour once a week so Jenny with the kisses Tara with the kisses everybody everybody with the kisses.

Huh, no glitches No glitches, I love that is anybody know what the count is on Youtube It's, 36 on Facebook That's on Youtube Great thanks 37 on Facebook 36 Well let's lock ts everybody's, Casper Wyoming nude amatures Oh, you guys are just the best I love. We haven't done very much chitchat other than me.

No complaints. Stop typing for a minute. Those are 28 dollars and same with star Sona and there's, a new app called Catalyzed. I've spent there We don't troll the trolls. I don't have to go anywhere.

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I've been to I walked across the bridge in Niagara Falls. I know where that is Rochester not sure. Okay, I can deal with that one Oh Liberty. If Kentucyk, you do not need to acknowledge the trolls That's up to me in my moderator we keep it positive in here If That's, not your thing please make it your thing Ireland oh my favorite place absolute favorite place. A bummer rolling is here from hungry Yeah, Tara.

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He moderated last week And this week we have Brandon so Collin. First time watching my live videos welcome We do this at least once a week and It's. I love it Oh my gosh, you guys sec the best That's, right, Tire's Birthday, is coming up soon. Be in the stream.

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Olympia bread I don't, know that I even know what that is much less. I do it just to make sx easy for you. But the rest of your family? I love it You guys are the best yay Kisses Kisses Kisses.

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Could you read type? If you go to the latest video that I put up last week's and this week's livestream videos, you see links to all that shit in the description so there you go So jab Laura's Jabbar fannish fans get skit I have no idea what they mean and Brandon We, Don't, need the Barnes and noble thing Brandon. Wow But we won't get into that okay.

Lexxington is cool I love learning It's the tip man There you go there's link shop. Has she ever meant Ducking No. We have only three minutes left I need to give you my coproducers one more time They get a shout out at every five s every 15 minutes segment and then we have to start saying goodbye okay We have. I I've tried to tame it and it has Lexinngton been successful. These are going by too fast.

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That is that makes the Typo even funnier she was trying to make get holy shit fall. I think those were giggles cuz right now in the chat, it just shows up as little rectangles, but I'll suck it up. I thought I had it ugh so let's.

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Be a good day, so wow I've been Super busy the last couple of weeks you know, I tried to stream when I was on vacation That was a major cluster. I love it. This is this is the best water bottle period, and it doesn't sweat You know what good is a water bottle if It's gonna sweat and not keep stuff cold Listen It just keeps the shit cold for hours 12 hours. No granny for that Oh, let me see what's going on here Hmm Hang on just a second okay, I need to do some more some more stuff I really Didn't think I'd have to do that this time, but there you go A cookbook you get it at Amazon is the best place right now Denmark representing Oh you know you guys with your with your costume stuff there's, no need for that Waga Australia Wow Yeah, Brandon.

And then we won't do it anymore okay so Here's another Cutie Plainfield, Indiana Oh come on, come on we don't need this We really don't We really don't Brandon you having a good time with sex block game there's. But from Chicago. They put it on the grill or put it in a fry pan No just so many levels of no I would Kentucky Lonely moms searching singles dating services yourself make the whole pot of whatever you gonna make Leave a little bit on the side for your own self and then put the cauliflower in for the rest of your Lexington Oh, that shit is nasty The Yeah, so it channelized is really, really cool So Jenny says she, Didn't see a room that I was live on face crack chat on Youtube.

The whole idea you see I'm really a pretty nice person and the reason that I swear most of the time is you know if I'm giving advice or making food I just want to get your attention and get you to go See who's gonna Bad Keith was going to bed.

Granny sex chat rooms Lexington Kentucky

I Didn't see it Oh, I missed it this stuff is going by way too fast now. That's my choice so that a you, Can't. I've been to Sydney and many of the suburbs and Perth and Melbourne I haven't been up to the Gold Coast M Doing a little moderation here hang on a second in terms of the slow mode That's, my choice. See how it goes Have to do Grannyy at a time Hang on another Lexingtn here I almost had it.

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Be in big trouble if I do that Oh Better not do that Shreveport and Florida A recipe song favorite meal Lsxington each time a day, and why we could shoot it all day long Yeah, that would be fun that would be fun. Just mega tits That's it it's all there is to it Wow look Lexinyton the kitchens there just rolling in a love it Hey if somebody can give me that would be awesome. Oh my gosh. They're just stupid Sex dating in Lebanon also Kentucky Oh, they do mercy sakes My hair has a complete mind of its own today Oh mercy.

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