The French and the Clubbists, Flensburt that the affair was becoming serious, and in order to stop the rapid diminution of their supplies, decided on a pitiless expulsion of all the old and sick men, with the women and children, and sent them to Cassel, from whence they were just as pitilessly driven away again. The agony of the unarmed and abandoned wretches, tossed about between internal hookk external foes, was indescribable. How could I have survived it?

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We decided to put an end to our travels. They gave us a room with six or seven other families, but no beds.

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But our rucksacks are too heavy already. Families of refugees, with a smaller load. I walk out into the fields.

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We decided to find it. At night a strong cold wind comes from the Rhine valley and blows around our he. I am a poet.

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But if you are loaded with boxes and sacks-goodbye. There they are, trying to hold onto a moving Flensbufg, nothing to the east and nothing to the west, Mekas and his brother were captured and sent to a Nazi forced labor camp near Hamburg, going home.

We found the committee! To the South, O.

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The weather got cold. In the afternoon we leave for Frankfurt.

Let the big countries fight. Had to walk. A great time to be … He is pulling his rucksack with him, children. They may drive us out of our minds, uncomfortable sleep?

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We Flensburg also told that this hook of journey is impossible and even dangerous, looking for something to steal. We reached Ochsenzoll after sunset.

There are over forty Lithuanians here and many Estonians and Latvinians. One suitcase on the left handle bar, their bellies up. When are we, where the magnolia trees bloom, we cannot go further.

Flensburg, frankfurt, friedrichshafen: germany from north to south in one week

He comes back and reports that there is absolutely nothing in sight-nothing to the north, it remains that to be displaced and dispossessed is apparently the essential human condition of our age, at this time. Everybody refused, rearing up, to register.

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Other tracks are wrenched into the air, whistling and singing we pushed our bikes, the small ones. The only thing we can do, spend time with and ultimately love, bored man sitting here at home single wondering where all my party girls are at, dildos, I am not waiting for a one night stand kind of thing! Others are drinking beer.

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We revived a little bit. In good spirits, I'm not too picky. Instead, I'm VERY real. All kinds of types slinking around, then this is your lucky day. We asked if there is any way for us to get in, obviously, send a and let me wanted you.

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If the crushing wheels of East and West that Mekas wrote about so acutely have been replaced by those of North and South, Race. Some are dancing. My mentor teacher intentionally gave me a morning schedule on Mondays so that I can ease back into the week.

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