Lagu 2017 Primary Song Snowflakes

Back by popular demand!  Since 2013, I’ve been making snowflakes that correlate with the year’s Primary songs.  For information on how to make and use them, click on the 2013 link here.  
Light Bulbs, Dove
‘As a Child of God’
CTR Shields, Choice Arrows
‘Choose the Right’
‘Stand for the Right’
‘8,’ Rainbows, Raindrops, Clouds
‘When I am Baptized
‘Go Do’
‘Nephi’s Courage’
Houses, Raindrops, Waves
‘The Wise Man and the Foolish Man’
Christ, Hearts
‘I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus’
For the 2017 downloadable document, click here.  I’ve left it in Word format so that users in different parts of the world can adjust paper sizes.
For a document including songs from 2013-2017, click here.

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